Are LED lights safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, a battery-powered fairy light is much safer for our guinea pigs than the regular lights as they don’t possess the threat of fire. Most battery-powered lights make use of led lights instead of incandescent bulbs; thus, the heat produced is very low.

Do flashing lights hurt guinea pigs?

Conclusion: Flashing light can promote ocular growth and induce myopia in pigmented guinea pigs.

What color light is good for guinea pigs?

We concluded that guinea pigs would prefer the color green because that is a color we believe they are most familiar with. Guinea pigs are familiar with green because they eat lots of green foods such as lettuce, celery, broccoli, etc.

Is blue light bad for guinea pigs?

In guinea pigs, compared with broad-band white light, exposure to blue light produced more hyperopia in naked eyes and suppressed axial elongation in LIM, whereas green light induced myopic tendency. … … Positive lenses no longer induced hyperopia under red light.

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Is anything poisonous to guinea pigs?

Foods guinea pigs cannot eat

Some foods can be poisonous, some are too high in fat or sugar, some are a choking hazard, some have no nutritional value, some can cause gas and some can cause bloat. … A short list of the foods to avoid feeding your guinea pig includes: Chocolate (or anything else containing caffeine)

Can you use flash on guinea pigs?

Senior Guinea Pig

Photos in natural light is the ideal; if you can avoid flash then do. I don’t think flash hurts their eyes but it’s not very pleasant if it happens more than a few times in a row. Flash in moderation is the best thing!

Are guinea pigs nocturnal?

Unlike other rodents, they are neither strictly diurnal nor nocturnal. Instead, guinea pigs scatter their periods of activity throughout the day and night, with short “cat naps” every so often between activities. Guinea pigs display many behaviors in order to communicate with us and each other.

Do guinea pigs enjoy music?

How Do Guinea Pigs React To Music? Depending on their personality, your guinea pig may enjoy music or they may find it to be stressful. … Guinea pigs who enjoy music will often close their eyes and make little purring sounds.

Do guinea pigs like to be held?

Your Guinea Pig Likes Being Held

You can interpret that confidence as affection. To reach this stage you need to hand-tame your pet with care and patience. Once they’ve built the trust, they’ll bond with you. They won’t approach everyone in this way – it’s just you they love!

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Do guinea pigs like sunshine?

So, do guinea pigs need sunlight? Guinea pigs do require some natural sunlight. However, moderation is key and they should not be exposed to direct sunlight or very hot temperatures for too long.

Should you leave a light on for a guinea pig?

Do guinea pigs need a light at night? No, they don’t need a night light. Having an intense light on during the night might confuse their body clock that it’s still day time which can be bad for their health. However, many people leave a small light on in their room, but certainly, it is not required.

Do guinea pigs need darkness to sleep?

Guinea pigs do sleep at any time of the day. They have no fixed time that they prefer sleeping in. … Guinea pigs do prefer to be in the dark rather than in the light. Some people even claim that guinea pigs are nocturnal.

Are guinea pigs sensitive to sound?

Guinea pigs don’t like noise and loud music. They have sensitive ears and hear sounds we can’t perceive. Drafts can make your guinea pig sick. Keep the cage off the floor, away from any drafts, on a table or chest.

What food can kill guinea pigs?

The following are particularly poisonous for guinea pigs:

  • Biscuits and crackers.
  • Bread.
  • Chocolate of any kind.
  • Dairy products.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Potato chips.
  • Pickled foods of any kind.
  • Sugary foods.

What food should you never feed a guinea pig?

A short list of the foods to avoid feeding your guinea pig includes:

  • Chocolate (or anything else containing caffeine)
  • Onions.
  • Garlic.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Iceberg lettuce.
  • Avocados.
  • Nuts.
  • Potatoes.
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Can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls?

Many guinea pigs like to chew on cardboard and used paper rolls. If you see your guinea pig eating a paper product in their cage, remove immediately as doing so can cause digestive issues. … If all glue cannot be safely removed or cut off, then discard the roll and do not give to your guinea pig.

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