Can you use LED light after Microneedling?

If using LED light therapy straight after it is as if you have not had a Dermapen Micro-needling Treatment. We would advice to wait at least 10 days after a Micro-needling Treatment to have any sort of LED Light therapy.

Can I use red light therapy after Microneedling?

Absolutely! At my practice when we do a microneedling treatment it includes a peel and LED treatments as well. The Red light therapy activates collagen production to improve the visible signs of aging to restore glowing, healthy-looking skin.

What should you not do after Microneedling?

Don’t put on makeup, especially with a makeup brush that has been used before, in the 24 hours following microneedling. You’ll also need to avoid swimming pools, saunas, and situations where you might sweat heavily, including intense workouts at the gym, to protect your newly treated skin.

What is the best serum to use after Microneedling?

“Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate ingredient to look out for and apply post-microneedling.

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What serum should I use with LED light therapy?

Eye Creams and Serums

Red light can reduce the appearance of fine lines in the delicate skin around the eyes over time. Using an anti-aging cream or serum after your light therapy session may speed up the results. For the best results, look for products containing peptides, retinol, vitamin C, or argan oil.

Can you use retinol with LED lights?

Although LED lights don’t produce harmful UV rays like the sun, light therapy can still produce reactions from retinol. That doesn’t mean you can’t use retinol and your LED light therapy device, but it does mean you should only use them at separate times.

Can Microneedling ruin your skin?

When done properly and at the right intervals, your skin will look smoother, healthier, and ageless over time. But be warned, microneedling can result in damaged skin, too! If not performed the right way and by an authorised and skilled professional, you may end up with bad skin that may last forever.

Why does my skin look worse after Microneedling?

There are other possibilities that can lead to increased wrinkling after medical microneedling. In the short term, lines can appear worse for the first few days after a treatment due to transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

What should I avoid before Microneedling?

What You Should Avoid Before Microneedling

  • NSAIDs. You should avoid NSAIDs in the week leading up to your treatment session. …
  • Accutane and Other Drugs and Supplements. …
  • Certain Hair Removal Methods. …
  • Heat-Based Cosmetic Treatments and Others. …
  • UV Damage. …
  • Cold Sores. …
  • Makeup and Other Cosmestics. …
  • NSAIDs.
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Is vitamin C serum good after Microneedling?

What I should avoid on my skin after treatment? To ensure the most ideal healing environment, do not use AHA’S (Glycolic Acid), retinols, Vitamin C Serums or any alcohol-based toners for 2-3 days after your procedure.

Can you use hyaluronic acid after Microneedling?

The microneedling process opens up the skin and allows it to better absorb products into a deeper level of the skin. Hyaluronic acid when absorbed into the skin after microneedling, can aid in adding volume and providing nourishing hyaluronic acid to the skin.

Do you put serum on before or after Microneedling?

Wait 24 hours. If your skin doesn’t react, you can apply all over your face the next time you use the roller. Benjamin also likes to apply serum before rolling, but be sure you do a patch test of any new serum you want to apply before diving in, whether before or after your treatment.

Can I use LED light therapy everyday?

The purpose of using blue LED light is to control bacteria. So, to treat severe acne, you can use your clinical device several times a day, as long as there is no irritation resulting in redness or rashes.

Do you need to wear eye protection for red light therapy?

A: It is not required that you wear eye protection, nevertheless the lights are very bright and may be uncomfortable for some individuals with sensitivities to light. Q: Is Red Light Therapy similar to tanning? A: No not at all. You will not get a tan from Red Light Therapy, nor does it expose you to damaging UV rays.

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Can LED light therapy damage your eyes?

The truth is, light therapy can cause eye damage. “Eyes should always be protected,” says Shamban. But that does not mean all goggles used in LED light treatments are created equal.

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