How do you cut waterproof LED strip lights?

Always use a sharp pair of scissors to cut your Waterproof LED Strip Light, dull scissors can damage the PC Board. Each waterproof strip light will have a cut mark between the two pairs of copper connection pads. Once you have located this cut line you can then cut your LED Strip Light to the desired length.

Can LED strip lights be cut?

LED Strip Lights can be cut at 5 or 10 cm intervals, depending on the type of strip light purchased. The “cutting points” are clearly marked with a straight line. To seperate your strip lights, cut along the line using a pair of scissors or craft knife.

How do you make LED Strip Lights waterproof?

Waterproof your LED strips using waterproofing tubes, and achieve the same quality of waterproof LEDs as the factory made ones. Begin by cutting your LED strip to the desired length, then matching with your waterproofing tube. Insert some nylon thread into the tubing, and tie to the wire leads at one end of your strip.

How do you remove the coating from an LED strip?

1 Answer

  1. Using a not-to-sharp knife ( I used my pocket knife rather than a razor blade ), cut through the rubber coating perpendicular to the strip. …
  2. Using your fingernail or your old knife blade, try to get under the rubber layer and start peeling it off.
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Can you connect LED strip lights together?

You can easily connect two LED strip lights together, considering they come in reels with marked dotted lines for cutting the strips into the size needed. These strips can then be joined in two ways: Using connectors or soldering the strips’ copper pads.

Do LED strip lights need a transformer?

What transformer do I need? This is one of our most common queries when it comes to LED strip lighting. Firstly, it’s important to note that LED strip lighting needs LED transformers if you’re wiring them to your mains because they have a significantly lower (12V) voltage.

Can LED lights catch on fire?

LED lights do not emit light from a vacuum as most other bulb types do. … Overheating is one of the reasons a bulb could start a fire, but that is highly unlikely to happen with LED lights. They may feel hot to touch, but they produce light at a significantly lower temperature than other bulbs.

Can LED light strips get wet?

IP67-rated waterproof LED strip lights are fully waterproof, so they can be used anywhere – even externally – as long as the location is not permanently submerged.

Are LED strips water proof?

Example :With an IP65 rating, the LEDs can be used in an outside setting and are water-resistant but they are not waterproof and are not suitable to be submerged. An IP68 can be submerged in water.

How do you clean LED Strip Lights?

Kitchen strip light is generally easy to be contaminated by oil stains. When cleaning, you can use a brush dipped in cleaning agent, and then wet and wipe it with soft cloth.

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