Why are some LED grow lights so expensive?

This is because the leds are run for sometimes 24/7 and sometimes with a large number of leds. This why most people pay for expensive ultra-efficient setups – it saves them money in the long run. For small grow applications, you can get even get away with high power household led bulbs.

Why are some LED lights so expensive?

LED bulbs are far more complex than halogens, thus making them more expensive; There’s more sophisticated technology both in the bulb and manufacturing process of LEDs. More parts are used be make an LED bulb. Certain components are costly before construction (such as bulbs containing a driver for example)

What is the best brand of LED grow lights?

Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Reviewed

  1. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series LED Grow Light. …
  2. MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Reflector Series. …
  3. Roleadro LED Grow Light GalaxyHydro Series. …
  4. Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Grow Lights. …
  5. Kind LED Grow Lights K3 & K5 series. …
  6. 6. California Lightworks Solarstorm.
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Is it cheaper to build LED grow light?

But it’s not only cheaper to assemble your LED grow light upfront. Since you will have to calculate the input and output of your LED lights, you can maximize the efficiency of your grow light set-up. You could put as many or as few LEDs as you want, considering your ideal electricity costs.

What type of LED is best for growing plants?

grow lights

  • Violet/blue lights typically come in a nanometer range of 400 and 530. …
  • Green light in the 500 to 620 range is ideal for plants with thick growth cover, as it can penetrate top foliage for better light retention.
  • Red light in the 600 to 730 range promotes flowering for later stage plants.

Is Led worth the extra money?

Absolutely! LED lights have a much longer lifespan than other light bulbs like incandescent and fluorescent bulbs — in fact, they can last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours. … Usually LED lights ARE worth the money.

Are cheap LED headlights good?

Compared to halogen bulbs, LED headlights are brighter, last longer and use less energy. But, for most consumers, the biggest draw is that they look much better than traditional bulbs. Everyone has heard the phrase quality over quantity. … Many inexpensive LED conversion kits have a high lumen count but nothing else.

What lights do professional growers use?

Today, the most widely used lights for professional use are HIDs and fluorescents. Indoor flower and vegetable growers typically use high-pressure sodium (HPS/SON) and metal halide (MH) HID lights, but fluorescents and LEDs are replacing metal halides due to their efficiency and economy.

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Will any LED light work as a grow light?

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light? LED lights are more energy efficient and emit much lower levels of heat than other types of lighting. But can you use any led lights to grow plants? Generally, yes.

Can you have too much light in a grow room?

Although too much light can impede plant growth, it’s also a fairly easy problem to fix. … Experts recommend 100 watts of light for a 2 foot by 2 foot grow area, up to 1,000 watts for an 8 foot by 8 foot area.

How do you make a homemade grow light?

  1. Build the Wire Shelving Unit. Assemble the shelving unit according to manufacturer’s directions. …
  2. Choose Your Lights. Choose a grow light approximately the same width as the shelving unit. …
  3. Attach the Lights. Tie wire or chain to lights. …
  4. Set up a Timer. …
  5. Plant the Seeds. …
  6. Circulate Air Around the Plants.

What are the best grow lights for indoor plants?

Like plants growing outdoors in the sunlight, indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum bulbs, which produce a balance of cool and warm light that replicates the natural solar spectrum. They’re excellent for seedlings as well as houseplants, culinary herbs and other plants.

What color should my LED lights be when I sleep?

What LED light color is best for your sleep? A red light color is best for sleep because it has a low color temperature, far lower than regular sunlight. You can be immersed in red light at night without giving your body a jolt and altering your internal clock as blue light does.

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Can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day?

A: In general, you should not leave grow lights on 24/7. Plants need a light-dark cycle to develop properly. It’s believed that they truly do “rest” during periods of darkness, and probably use this time to move nutrients into their extremities while taking a break from growing.

Will 5000K LED grow plants?

The reason for this, is that at the “warm white” color temperature, the “ratio” of wavelengths is ideal for plants. … Go higher than 5000K, and so much red light is left out from the spectrum your plants will grow slowly and without much vigor.

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