Your question: Are LED lights good for coral?

Yes, LEDs do grow coral – just ask our experts at! They have been using LED lighting for quite some time now over our coral tanks with amazing results. The specific spectrums provided by LED lighting can bring out colors in certain fish like you’ve never seen before.

What lighting is best for corals?

SPS corals require the most lighting while soft and LPS corals can do well even with lower intensity fluorescent lighting. Actinic or more blue lighting should be used even with metal halide lighting to achieve the best possible coral coloration.

What is the best lighting for a reef tank?

Best Reef Tank Lighting of 2020

  • Zero Compromise LED. Ecotech Radion. XR30 G5 LED Lights. …
  • EASIEST TO USE LIGHT. Kessil A360X. Tuna Blue LED Light. …
  • Most Popular Hybrid. Aquatic Life DX18. T5 Hybrid System. …
  • SMALL & POWERFUL LED. Aqua Illumination. …
  • MOST ECONOMICAL LED. Maxspect Razor. …
  • HANDS DOWN FAVORITE. Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid.
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Are T5 lights better than led for reef tank?

T5 reef lighting makes it easier to get results and are often much cheaper. It is not that T5s are inherently better than LEDs. In fact, it is possible to achieve even better results with LEDs but is it worth the necessary effort and expense? The answer to that is based on your personal experience and budget.

Is Red Light good for corals?

It’s important to remember that algae loves red light so definitely don’t overdo it, and many of our deeper water corals like Leptoseris and Stylocoeniella, and many chalice corals will not appreciate too much red light for too long.

How much light do corals need a day?

If you have coral in your aquarium, you should leave the lights on for at least 10 hours each day. Coral contains a symbiotic algae that needs plenty of light to survive. Many people choose to divide their lights and use two separate timers.

Can Coral get too much light?

Yes it is quite easy to expose corals to too much light. It starts with photoinhibition and can go as far as causing fatality. … Different coral have different pints where photoinhibition starts, for some corals it is as low as 180-200ME, others it does not start to around 350-400ME.

How many hours should my reef lights be on?

It is recommended to ensure a photoperiod of 9 hours where 7 hours will be under the core spectrum and 1-hour of ramp-up and 1-hour of the ramp-down period. The total time can be as low as 8 hours and as high as 12 hours if required. LED light is replacing the metal halide and T5 lights for the reef tank.

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Do corals need white light?

White light is used over reef tanks purely for the aquarists’ benefit – not the corals’. The green, yellow, and orange components of white light do not help corals’ zooxanthellae photosynthesize.

What color spectrum is best for coral growth?

For optimal coral growth, you will generally want a full spectrum of light that includes some reds, oranges, and yellows, but that is heavier towards the blue range.

Which is better LED or T5?

LEDs also offer increased light efficiency when dimmed as opposed to T5 fixtures and usually produce more lumens per watt in general, which decreases energy usage and thus, energy costs. A lower wattage of LED luminaire will usually be just as efficient, sometimes more, as a higher wattage T5 lamp.

Is T5 lighting good for corals?

Are they any good for corals? … Experts reckon the light produced may not match that of metal halides but can still be sufficient to get decent coral growth, even in the more demanding SPS corals. The size and coloration of corals from the T5-lit tanks we’ve seen is very close to that from tanks lit by metal halides.

What’s the difference between T5 and T8 lighting aquarium?

T5 lamps are 40% smaller than T8 fixtures, but are capable of containing just as much and sometimes more light in a smaller area. In other words, more T8 fixtures are needed to produced the same amount of light generated by significantly fewer high output T5 bulbs.

Do corals need red and green light?

So basically when it comes down to it your coral will thrive under any of these: Red light, white light, green light, blue light, UV light…. or any combination.

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How long should LED lights be on in a reef tank?

Increase the mounting height and slowly raise your light fixture over the course of 1-2 weeks. 2) Reduce your photoperiod. Most hobbyists run their aquarium lights a total of 10-12 hours per day, including a 1-hour sunrise/sunset.

Are colored lights bad for fish?

A fish-only freshwater tank doesn’t require lighting for many purposes besides illuminating the tank, and essentially any color spectrum can be used safely without harming your fish.

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